Tammy and Sarah,

I am having my humans (Todd and Heather) write this letter to you because it’s hard to hit the space bar with no thumbs. I wanted to thank you so much for all of the help you’ve given my owners in the past few months. I had a pretty ruff start in life. Aunt Angie from Waggs and Wishes saved me and my pups from some scary stuff. They took care of all of us until my pups found great homes. That’s when I met my adoptive parents. Although Todd and Heather snuggled me tons and always made sure I had enough to eat and drink they didn’t speak dog very well and no matter how hard I tried to explain how nervous I was about being hurt or left they just couldn’t understand what I was saying.

They learned so fast with your help! You are way better than that Rosetta Stone stuff I see advertised on the TV when I watch my stories in the afternoons. I love getting to hang out with the other dogs that have owners that aren’t so good at speaking dog either. Now my adoptive parents and I have gotten to know each other so much better! They have explained to me that they would never leave me behind and that I can always count on them for everything! I have told them how much I love hotdogs, squirrels and belly rubs. We work as a family now and they can count on my and I can count on them.

Todd and Heather say I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up if I work hard and study. I want to earn my Canine Good Citizen Certificate from the American Kennel Club. I know I would not have the tail wagging confidence in myself without the classes you offer for humans. I am happily sending them back for the next class so we can work hard to get my CGC Certificate soon! Thank you again for helping me to be a grrrreat dog instead of just a good one!