Dear Tammy and Sarah,

My daddies were taking my younger brother to your classes so they decided to make me go too. I figured since I was over 5 years old and already knew everything, there really was no need for me to take classes or to see a trainer. But, if it made my little brother feel more comfortable, I will go and maybe have a little fun too. Huh, well somebody convinced my dad that my pulling on the leash when we go for a walk is not a good thing and that I could refine a few other behaviors that irritated my dad like jumping on visitors and digging in the yard. I should tell you, I learned very fast and was still the star of the class. In fact, I was the first dog that you certified with the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification which came in really handy for when my dad uses me as a therapy dog or for volunteer stuff. Not only did I get to show off how smart I am but you taught my dad how to teach me different tricks so now everybody knows just how cute I can be too.

So listen Tammy, I need you to start telling people that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks… and how to stop pulling on the leash and to stop jumping on people pretty much anything else. Come on, getting older has to have some benefits. I told my dad I was too old to change or learn anything new until you came along. Although, I do enjoy my walks much more now with my daddy and I have to admit, I do love all the extra attention when I don’t jump on people and do tricks for them instead.

Thanks for everything!

Love and kisses,

Your bright star,