Rules for Class

Dog Training Classes in Metro Detroit and Ferndale

Rules for FIDO Class

No Choke or Prong collars

A martingale or flat buckle collar can be used in puppy classes. Martingale collars are mandatory for all other classes. If you need help fitting a martingale collar, we sell several brands and would be happy to help you choose one for your dog. No flexi leashes.

Training Tools and Treats

You will need your clicker and some very yummy food treats. We recommend small pieces of hot dog, cheese, chicken or any tasty treat your dog really likes. Soft treats work best for training. We sell a variety of training treats as well as clickers.

*Please bring a long lasting treat for your dog to help them during class time while we are teaching. We recommend a Kong stuffed with something like peanut butter or wet dog food to keep your pup busy. Try freezing it so it will last longer.

Children in class

Dog owners who want their child to be responsible for training must make sure their child is capable of being consistent in training and is not physically over-powered by the dog.


Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations and fecal exams.

*See Customer Agreement Form for the list of required vaccinations


Do not feed your dog right before class. If they are hungry they will pay closer attention to you while training. Some exercise before class can help lower energy and stress levels and help your dog stay focused. Remember to wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes to class.

Cell Phones

Please, no cell phones during class time. Thank you!


Our classes are an hour long and there is a lot to cover! Please arrive to class on time.


Training your dog is an important commitment and our program is designed so that each class builds upon the previous session. Attending each class is very important. However, if you are going to miss a class please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Get in Touch

We’re available by phone and email to answer your questions

  • (248) 607-9350
  • info@fidodogtraining.com

All classes take place at FIDO in Ferndale. Class sizes are kept small to provide personal attention, so sign up now to save your spot! To register:

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