Fido Dog Training’s FAQs

FIDO Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions on the FIDO Phone

What class should my five month old puppy take?

How many weeks do your group classes run?

  • Six weeks

How long is each class session?

  • One hour once per week for six weeks

My dog is tearing up the house when I leave him or her alone. Can you help?

Do you offer board and train for my dog? In other words can I drop my dog off for six weeks to be trained and then come pick her up?

Do you offer boarding? Grooming?

  • No

How early can I start training my puppy?

What qualifications does my dog need to start training at Fido personal dog training?

  • None. If you have behavioral issues that concerns you, please call the Fido office and we can have a trainer speak with you to help figure out your best options.

How do I submit my dogs health records to Fido personal dog training?

  • You can email them to us at fidoforms@gmail.com or fax them to us at 248-398-8600

My dog is aggressive around other dogs can you help?

  • Yes! Please call the Fido office to speak with a trainer about your dogs personal training needs

My dog bit someone recently can you help?

  • Same as above

My dog is shy and afraid of everyone can you help?

  • Yes, same as above

I got a puppy and I want to train it to be a service dog. Where do I begin?

  • Same as above

I just rescued a dog…now what do I do?

  • Sign up for a class! Start your pup/dogs training right away.

My dog won’t stop jumping and pulls very hard on the leash can you help?

How do I train my puppy to go to the bathroom outside?

My puppy is mouthing, biting, chewing up everything, jumping… What is the best training to start with to address all of these problems?

How much are your classes?

  • Most of our classes are six week and cost $275

How many trainers do you have?

  • 7

What kind of Training do you do (use shock collars, pinch etc.

  • We offer only the most modern scientific reward based training. We train with compassion and science based methods
  • Read more about our clicker training here

Why don’t dogs attend the first class?

  • This is so everyone can relax, get to know your instructors, learn what you will be learning without the distractions of having dogs in the room

Can I stop by and see your facility, talk with Trainers and observe training

  • Of course! We ask you call first though. This way we can make sure you are observing the class you would like to attend

Does my pup need to be evaluated before starting a class?

  • Not for a class

Where are you located?

  • 23440 Woodward Ave, Ferndale Mi

How far will Trainers travel for In-Home Private sessions?

  • Most of our trainers will travel 10 miles

Can my young child (ages 5 – 12) help in training class?

  • Yes, of course. Please know that an hour class can be a long time for a child. Children cannot greet or run up to other dogs during classes

I need to miss one week of my group class. Can I make it up?

  • Yes, please let your instructor know and they will set up a make up time a half hour before the following class.

My dog hates other dogs/people. Can I enroll in a class?

  • Not a great idea. Please call the Fido office to speak with a trainer about private training

What if my dog is sick and can’t attend class?

  • Please keep your dog at home. You can come to class without your dog and sit in on your class so you can keep up with what you are learning and do your homework with your dog during the week

What are your office hours?

  • We don’t have normal store hours. We ask you to give use a call before stopping in due to having dogs in the building and working with our Puppies in our PAL Program. This helps keep our dogs we are caring for safe from doors opening unexpectedly. So give us a call, we would love to show you around!
  • Phone Hours:
    • Monday – Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm
    • Saturdays 10:00 am – 5:00pm
    • Sundays – Closed
  • Holiday Hours:
    • Closed November 28 – Dec 1
    • Closed Dec 24 and 25
    • Closed January 1