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We had three in-home training sessions with Jill for a 12-year-old pup who had never been taught even basic commands. Jill was great with him and with us, andproved that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Will definitely work with a Fido trainer again in the future if we have the need.
-Tracy N. Ferndale, MI
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Enrolled in Puppy I, and it is the highlight of my week! My new puppy is thriving at class and at home, thanks to FIDO. I have been to other puppy/obedient classes with my dogs and was made to feel guilty about my high energy dogs. My dog Henry is embraced at FIDO for his high energy and he's treated so well. The things we learn are really valuable on a daily basis and goes beyond "sit" and "stay", focusing on how our dogs can be comfortable and calm, controlling their impulses, and bonding with their humans. The trainers are fabulous and really want to set up each dog (and their owners) for success. Thank you, Fido,for letting me see what a great dog Henry truly is!
-Elizabeth-Ann P.
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I’ve been taking my dog, Charlie, to Fido for a year for a variety of classes including: agility and impulse control classes. From the first visit, I saw how much they truly care about your dog. Each session is really tailored to the dogs in the class which ensures a successful, fun, and safe session for all dogs. Aside from the classes, We’ve taken private lessons with Tammy. Bring a new dog owner, I called and emailed her many times in a panic and each time she took the time to help me over the phone to calm me down.In addition to helping me, I’ve noticed a good difference in Charlie’s behavior. The agility course taught us both, fun ways to play. The Impulse control class helped charlie be less reactive with other dogs. Ultimately, Fido takes the time to help both the owners and dogs. I would highly recommend Fido and cannot thank them enough for helping me and Charlie!
-Lauren A.
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Do yourself and your puppy a favor by enrolling them in FIDO's Puppy PAL program. It was encouraged we work on socialization early and often by our vet, and she recommended FIDO's program specifically. Our Lakeland Terrier now constantly gets compliments by other people and organizations about how social and friendly he is, and how he is the model play buddy with the ability to adapt to other dogs' age and temperament. Going to PAL was the highlight of our dog's week -the instructors got to know him so well and we are forever grateful for how much they genuinely cared about his growth and development. It was amazing to see the progress he made over time and fun to keep up with his days via their social posts. We really can't say enough good things about our experience and look forward to going back for more classes!
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