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Dog Training Testimonials

The value of training with the staff of FIDO is constantly reinforced when my dog and I are out in public. Friends and strangers alike constantly compliment Chewie on how well behaved he is. Thank you Tammy and Sarah. Regards, Amy
When we adopted Harvey, we knew at 8 months old he needed some serious obedience training. We had no idea that we would also be confronted with some very tough behavioral issues, and Tammy and Sarah were there for us every step of the way. When you come to Fido, expect to work hard, expect to get a big adjustment to the way you look at your relationship with your dog, and expect to learn as much as (often times more than) your dog does! We could not have offered Harvey the quality of life he enjoyed without Fido’s help, and we are better dog owners today because of it. Wherever your needs fit on the spectrum, Tammy and Sarah can help. We have taken advantage of private sessions, most of their class offerings, and their Happy Dog Walking Service and will always highly recommend anything offered there. Their small class size also means you will get lots of one-on-one time with them, a feature many positive reinforcement programs in the area cannot offer. For the person who is serious about being a responsible dog owner AND who wants to maximize their relationship with their dog, there is no better place to be.
Lindsay & Tristan, with Harvey & Jack
Dear FIDO, I love my classes at Fido! Tammy and Sarah are so kind and patient, and everybody has fun. Best of all, they’ve really helped my new family to understand me. I’m a smart guy but I was having a hard time with that housebreaking idea, and I thought pulling on the leash was cool. Tammy and Sarah had lots of ideas and suggestions. My people wised up, and then I understood right away what they wanted. And then I got treats and hugs. Yay! Oliver
I love Tammy and Sara! Great trainers, great dog sitters. All around awesome experience.
Dear Tammy and Sarah, My daddies were taking my younger brother to your classes so they decided to make me go too. I figured since I was over 5 years old and already knew everything, there really was no need for me to take classes or to see a trainer. But, if it made my little brother feel more comfortable, I will go and maybe have a little fun too. Huh, well somebody convinced my dad that my pulling on the leash when we go for a walk is not a good thing and that I could refine a few other behaviors that irritated my dad like jumping on visitors and digging in the yard. I should tell you, I learned very fast and was still the star of the class. In fact, I was the first dog that you certified with the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification which came in really handy for when my dad uses me as a therapy dog or for volunteer stuff. Not only did I get to show off how smart I am but you taught my dad how to teach me different tricks so now everybody knows just how cute I can be too. So listen Tammy, I need you to start telling people that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks… and how to stop pulling on the leash and to stop jumping on people pretty much anything else. Come on, getting older has to have some benefits. I told my dad I was too old to change or learn anything new until you came along. Although, I do enjoy my walks much more now with my daddy and I have to admit, I do love all the extra attention when I don’t jump on people and do tricks for them instead. Thanks for everything! Love and kisses, Your bright star, DJ
We first started taking our dogs to classes at Fido in 2010 when we got a puppy. Since then, our puppy has grown into adulthood, and we’ve taken him through every Fido class from puppy class through Beginner classes, into Intermediate class and the Advanced class. We’ve also taken our older dog to Fido classes, to brush up on skills he learned years ago. I mention all of this to say that we’ve taken many classes with Fido and have a lot of experience with them. Over the years, we’ve also taken a bunch of obedience classes elsewhere, so I have a few points of comparison. I can’t say enough good things about Fido. IT’S A GREAT PLACE. Why do I rave about them to every dog owner that I meet? Very small classes (4-5 dogs with TWO instructors) means a lot of personal attention Many opportunities to get individualized help with your dog’s particular challenges A positive training approach that follows the most current research on animal learning and human-dog bonds Tammy and Sarah are VERY experienced instructors (unlike the kids teaching classes at chain pet stores, who have had at most a two-week intro to dog training). They love dogs. They’re incredibly skilled at the most important part of having a well-behaved dog: teaching dog owners to effectively communicate with the dog. This is crucial! Tammy and Sarah are teaching you to teach your dog so much more than a SIT or a DOWN – they teach you how to teach your dog what you need him to know, in ways that make sense to the dog. Did I mention that they’re kind, fun, funny, cool people? Tammy and Sarah are available by phone and email for questions and problem solving, even after the class is over. Fido has cool workshops and seminars on topics like dog first aid, reading dog body language, etc. Classes are a lot of fun. We look forward to them and the dogs look forward to them. They have a funky studio in funky Ferndale. Jane
I used to work for a small local animal shelter. Tammy and Sarah from Fido volunteered their time on a weekly basis to work with our dogs training, socializing and teaching them manners. Ultimately this made our dogs more adoptable and we were able to place several previously hard-to-place dogs into great homes. They made a huge difference in the experience our dogs had at the shelter and ultimately their ability to be adopted. I would recommend Fido to anyone – whether it is for training, dog sitting or dog walking. They really understand dogs! Julie Tirony
Julie Tirony
Tammy and Sarah, I am having my humans (Todd and Heather) write this letter to you because it’s hard to hit the space bar with no thumbs. I wanted to thank you so much for all of the help you’ve given my owners in the past few months. I had a pretty ruff start in life. Aunt Angie from Waggs and Wishes saved me and my pups from some scary stuff. They took care of all of us until my pups found great homes. That’s when I met my adoptive parents. Although Todd and Heather snuggled me tons and always made sure I had enough to eat and drink they didn’t speak dog very well and no matter how hard I tried to explain how nervous I was about being hurt or left they just couldn’t understand what I was saying. They learned so fast with your help! You are way better than that Rosetta Stone stuff I see advertised on the TV when I watch my stories in the afternoons. I love getting to hang out with the other dogs that have owners that aren’t so good at speaking dog either. Now my adoptive parents and I have gotten to know each other so much better! They have explained to me that they would never leave me behind and that I can always count on them for everything! I have told them how much I love hotdogs, squirrels and belly rubs. We work as a family now and they can count on my and I can count on them. Todd and Heather say I can be whatever I want to be when I grow up if I work hard and study. I want to earn my Canine Good Citizen Certificate from the American Kennel Club. I know I would not have the tail wagging confidence in myself without the classes you offer for humans. I am happily sending them back for the next class so we can work hard to get my CGC Certificate soon! Thank you again for helping me to be a grrrreat dog instead of just a good one! Sincerely, Eve