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Reactivity 1 and 2

About the Reactivity Classes

Do you find walks with your dog or having guests over stressful? Take back your fun relationship with your dog in this two-part series of classes. Does your dog bark and lunge at people or other dogs outside? Does your dog bark and make your guests uncomfortable? We’ll build up you and your dogs comfort level with other dogs and people slowly and gently using science-based positive training techniques. We will focus on skills to help your dog better be able to cope when seeing other dogs or people, and make it fun at the same time. We will teach you how to help your dog with improved focus, impulse control exercises, and changing your dog’s emotional response from “ugh, other dogs!” to “hooray! Other dogs!” so that walks and outings can be more fun for everyone. These classes fill quickly, so contact us today with any questions by emailing info@fidodogtraining.com or calling 248-607-9350 or Click Here to Read FIDO’s Frequently Asked Questions.

At Fido we begin Reactivity 1 and 2 with a single class session for humans only.  This session is reserved as a dedicated meeting for Fido Trainers and their Students. Our Trainers discuss curriculum, explore expectations and set personal goals with each member of the class. Our Trainers want to know why each Student registered for the class and what they hope to take away from the training experience. They utilize this time to map out a strategy for success. In doing this we empower every member of the class to hit the ground running in the weeks to follow when the dogs are present and our plans are put to work.


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Reactivity 1:

All classes take place at FIDO in Ferndale. Class sizes are kept small to provide personal attention, so sign up now to save your spot! To register please use the Acuity Scheduling tool above.

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