Puppy Training Classes in Metro Detroit and Ferndale

Puppy Training Classes

Starts 3/5/20 (Thursdays)
Puppy 5 – 6 Months 6:00pm

Starts 3/18/20 (Wednesdays)
Puppy 2.5 – 4 Months  6:00pm

All classes take place at FIDO in Ferndale. Class sizes are kept small to provide personal attention, so sign up now to save your spot!

Beyond our six and eight week group training classes we also have open sign up for our Drop Off Training for Puppies 2.5-6 months old. We call this program Play and Learn (PAL).  Private Training is also available! Call today to schedule a Private Training session with a Certified Dog Trainer.

Group Class Puppy Training

Puppy Classes

Puppy Training With Owners

Puppy 2.5 - 4 Month Class

Register for this Puppy class if your puppy is 2.5 Months to 4 Months old and has never taken a puppy class before.

Age: 2.5 Months to 4 Months Old

Puppy Life Skills

If your puppy has graduated from Fido's Puppy 2.5 - 4 Months class and is 4 - 6 months old this class is for you.

Age: 4 - 6 Months Old
Puppy Training Class for Puppy Two

Puppy 5 - 6 Month Class

Your puppy is growing by leaps and bounds — and so is his brain! You’ll learn about the needs of your now “teenage” puppy as well as how this stage of growth and development plays into different behavioral issues.

Age: 5 - 6 Months Old

Drop Off Training: PAL - Play and Learn


FIDO’s Drop Off PAL Program

Fido offers weekday drop-off puppy training that goes beyond the typical on-leash style dog training class. We call it Play and Learn (PAL) and it’s a science based canine training approach founded on the understanding that the more we compassionately socialize, train and condition puppies during puppyhood the better off they will be as adults.

Age: 2.5 - 6 Months Old
scott-blake-keHNwiEsJQs-unsplash TEEN PAL UNDER CONSTRUCTION

TEEN PAL Academy is Under Construction

FIDO Trainers have a new vision for the future of adolescent aged dog training. Stay tuned for the big reveal in Spring 2020. That's FIDO...always re-inventing ways to set your dog up for a lifetime of success.

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Other Dog Training Classes

FIDO Personal Dog Training offers a wide variety of classes and seminars for dog owners.