Puppy Training Classes in Metro Detroit and Ferndale

Puppy Training Classes

Next Class Semester Starts Week of January 2nd-8th 2020

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All classes take place at FIDO in Ferndale. Class sizes are kept small to provide personal attention, so sign up now to save your spot!

Fido is moving to a semester style class system, so you always know when our classes are starting! Our next semester will begin the week of January 2nd-8th 2020 and will have all of the classes we offer starting that week. Each class will be 6 weeks, classes that were previously longer will now be split into multiple parts.

Beyond our semester classes we always have open sign up for our Play and Learn program as well as private training!

Group Class Puppy Training

Puppy Training With Owners

Puppy Kindergarten A and B

Register for Puppy Kindergarten A if your puppy is 4 months old or less and has never taken a puppy class before. The first semester you’ll take Puppy Kindergarten A, where you and your puppy will learn basic cues such as sit, down, touch, and others. Your puppy will get supervised play time with all the other puppies twice each class, and you’ll build social skills for your dog that will take him or her through to adulthood.

Age: 4 Months Old or Under
Puppy Training Class for Puppy Two

Puppy Elementary School

Your puppy is growing by leaps and bounds — and so is his brain! You’ll learn about the needs of your now “teenage” puppy as well as how this stage of growth and development plays into different behavioral issues. We will continue working on and strengthening the basic cues learned in Puppy 1 as well as adding new cues such as ‘on your spot,’ ‘watch’ and ‘leave it.’ We’ll also still have plenty of playtime to keep your pup’s socialization skills sharp!

Age: 5 - 6 Months Old
Dog Life Skills Class Training

Canine Middle School

If your dog has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten B, Puppy Elementary School, or Canine Basics and is between 6 and 18 months, continue his or her education with this class. You can also enroll in this class directly, but we recommend taking Elementary School or Canine Basics first. In Canine Middle School we’ll work to develop your dogs social skills, your ability to read canine body language, and play lots of fun games.

Age: 6 - 18 Months Old

Play and Learn (PAL) - Drop off Training


FIDO’s Play and Learn (PAL) program

Take your puppy’s training beyond classes with our Play and Learn (PAL) program! The more we socialize, train and condition puppies during puppyhood, the better off they will be as adults.

Age: 2. - 6 Months Old

FIDO’s Teen Play and Learn (PAL) Academy

For puppies that were part of our PAL program and/or have taken our Life Skills class, here is your opportunity to build on that foundation! Take your adolescent dogs training and skills beyond classes with our Teen Play and Learn (PAL) Academy program! The more we socialize, train and condition dogs during this sensitive adolescent period, the better off they will be as adults.

Other Dog Training Classes

FIDO Personal Dog Training offers a wide variety of classes and seminars for dog owners.

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