Private Dog Training Near Me – In Home Dog Lessons

One-On-One Dog Training

Private lessons at our office

Need more personal attention than a group class allows? Schedule a one-on-one lesson at our office to address any behavioral or obedience problem you are having.

This option is perfect for dogs who cannot attend a group class for any reason. Our office allows a safe space for your dog to work through his struggles and learn new, better manners.

Cost: In office lessons start at $125 per session. Please call to make an appointment

Private Dog Training and One-onOne Dog Training

Private lessons in your home

We will come to you! Private, in-home training is customized to solve any issue you need help with. Hour long sessions focus on exactly what’s troubling your dog without the distraction of other class members and since they take place in your home, we can address the problem in the environment it is happening in.

Dogs who aren’t eligible for a group class, are nervous in new places, or are troubled travelers benefit from having us conduct an in-home appointment.

Cost: In home training starts at $135 for the first session, which lasts about an hour and a half. Follow-up sessions are $100. Please call to make an appointment

We’re available by phone and email to answer your questions


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We’re available by phone and email to answer your questions

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