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Dog Trick Training

About the Class

This six-week course prepares you to get your dogs trick title! We’ll work through lots of super fun tricks that are both awesome party tricks as well as useful for you and your dog when you’re out and about. Tricks we’ll learn include: Speak, balance beam, crawl, fetch, high 5, jump, kiss, push-ups, shake, spin, and others! In the last class, we’ll be testing for your trick title that will be registered with AKC. Have fun, build your relationship with your dog even more, and earn a title all in one class! 

Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to sharpen your training skills, build a bond with your dog and provide mental enrichment. Plus, it’s fun! We’ll build a foundation that will allow you to earn trick titles, show off to your friends, and be the coolest dog parent in town. Every tricks class participant will be eligible for their novice tricks AKC title, we’ll do the test at the last class!

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All classes take place at FIDO in Ferndale. Class sizes are kept small to provide personal attention, so sign up now to save your spot! To register:

  1. Please review our class rules
  2. Fill out the Customer Agreement form
  3. Click a “Sessions/Register” button below to see class dates. Payment is required to reserve your spot in class. We offer a 10% discount when you register for more than one class at a time, as well as a 10% discount for repeating a class with the same dog. Please call us before signing up in either of those cases.

All dogs must have age-appropriate vaccinations in order to attend class. Please see the Customer Agreement for the required vaccinations.

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