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Puppy Yoga

Take a mid-day yoga and puppy break at Fido! We provide the puppies and the fantastic yoga instructor, Kathy Sitek. You bring a mat, yourself, and a readiness to have a great time with some adorable pups. It’s actually just like a normal yoga class — except puppies roam free throughout the room, spreading joy and providing entertainment. (Sounds pretty amazing, right?) Although the pups are sometimes incorporated into simple yoga poses, their main contribution is cuddles and kisses!


Canine Nutrition Seminar

What does high quality food mean? What about raw diets, grain free, or even food allergies? In this seminar we’ll dig into the science of canine nutrition. You’ll learn how to read dog food labels and understand what your dog really needs to be happy and healthy. We’ll cover what you need to know to choose a dog food and whether homemade diets are a good choice. Along the way we’ll debunk some dietary myths, and make sure you’re an informed consumer of your dogs diet.


What is a Service Dog? - Seminar

Emotional support animals, therapy dogs, facility dogs, service dogs, guide dogs, peacocks on airplanes!? What does all this mean? Explore the current state of laws, regulations, and ethical challenges in these new areas of canine helpers. Learn about what a service dog is and isn’t, what level of training is expected for each type of dog, and what kinds of dogs fit well into these new roles. If you’re interested in having a dog with a job, this seminar is a great place to start by learning about what all of these terms mean and how they apply to the real world. This is a human-only seminar and we welcome people of all experience levels.


Canine Body Language Seminar

Learn a new language! We’ll talk about all the ways dogs communicate with each other and us with helpful videos and examples. You will learn to identify signs of canine stress and fear, which can assist you in preventing unwanted behaviors. You’ll also learn how to understand dog play and happiness, so you can tell if that growl is for play or for serious. We’ll start with an overview of how dogs communicate, identify key elements of body language, look at some finer details through the use of video and live demonstrations, and finally end with a discussion on shy, aggressive, or otherwise difficult behaviors.


Handling 101 - Seminar

Grooming and Vet Prep Made Easy


First Aid - Seminar

Be prepared for anything with this informative, humans-only seminar. You’ll learn emergency skills such as what to do if your dog has a seizure, suffers an electric shock, is injured in a car accident or ingests poison. You’ll also be trained to administer CPR if your dog stops breathing (yes, you can give a dog or cat mouth-to-mouth — really mouth-to-snout in this case). You’ll also learn how to assess your dog’s vitals, bandage wounds, administer medication and restrain an injured dog; how to tell whether your dog is choking, having a seizure or suffering from some other issue; as well as how to deal with more common injuries such as a wound to your dog’s paw pad. This seminar is presented by the talented Felicia Asher LVT KPA-CTP who is the head technician at Little Friends of Ferndale, as well as being an accomplished trainer in her own right.

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Enrichment: It’s for the dogs! - Seminar

What is enrichment? What does it mean, and why does everything think I should buy a Kong? In this seminar we’ll discuss the hows and whys of enrichment. What does it mean? How does it work? Will it benefit my dog? Does my dog have to like toys? Those that register for a working spot will get an enrichment item as well as participating in a hands-on workshop making your own enrichment items to take home with the help and direction of our very own Fido enrichment specialists!

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What is Reactivity?

You have probably heard the terms “reactivity” or “arousal” before, and you may or may not know exactly what they mean. In this seminar, we’ll explore the definitions of reactivity, what it really means, and how to help your dog if you’re finding walks or social times difficult. We’ll talk about reactivity, excitement, and even aggression. What’s the difference? We’ll unpack the current science around these behaviors and states and give you a solid foundation for understanding and working with a dog that can otherwise be a challenge.

Other Dog Training Classes

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