When we adopted Harvey, we knew at 8 months old he needed some serious obedience training. We had no idea that we would also be confronted with some very tough behavioral issues, and Tammy and Sarah were there for us every step of the way. When you come to Fido, expect to work hard, expect to get a big adjustment to the way you look at your relationship with your dog, and expect to learn as much as (often times more than) your dog does! We could not have offered Harvey the quality of life he enjoyed without Fido’s help, and we are better dog owners today because of it. Wherever your needs fit on the spectrum, Tammy and Sarah can help. We have taken advantage of private sessions, most of their class offerings, and their Happy Dog Walking Service and will always highly recommend anything offered there. Their small class size also means you will get lots of one-on-one time with them, a feature many positive reinforcement programs in the area cannot offer. For the person who is serious about being a responsible dog owner AND who wants to maximize their relationship with their dog, there is no better place to be.

Lindsay & Tristan, with Harvey & Jack