We first started taking our dogs to classes at Fido in 2010 when we got a puppy. Since then, our puppy has grown into adulthood, and we’ve taken him through every Fido class from puppy class through Beginner classes, into Intermediate class and the Advanced class. We’ve also taken our older dog to Fido classes, to brush up on skills he learned years ago. I mention all of this to say that we’ve taken many classes with Fido and have a lot of experience with them. Over the years, we’ve also taken a bunch of obedience classes elsewhere, so I have a few points of comparison. I can’t say enough good things about Fido. IT’S A GREAT PLACE. Why do I rave about them to every dog owner that I meet?

  • Very small classes (4-5 dogs with TWO instructors) means a lot of personal attention
  • Many opportunities to get individualized help with your dog’s particular challenges
  • A positive training approach that follows the most current research on animal learning and human-dog bonds

Tammy and Sarah are VERY experienced instructors (unlike the kids teaching classes at chain pet stores, who have had at most a two-week intro to dog training). They love dogs. They’re incredibly skilled at the most important part of having a well-behaved dog: teaching dog owners to effectively communicate with the dog. This is crucial! Tammy and Sarah are teaching you to teach your dog so much more than a SIT or a DOWN – they teach you how to teach your dog what you need him to know, in ways that make sense to the dog. Did I mention that they’re kind, fun, funny, cool people?

Tammy and Sarah are available by phone and email for questions and problem solving, even after the class is over. Fido has cool workshops and seminars on topics like dog first aid, reading dog body language, etc. Classes are a lot of fun. We look forward to them and the dogs look forward to them.

They have a funky studio in funky Ferndale.