Seminars are offered periodically. Available sessions are listed below.

Handling 101

Grooming and Vet Prep Made Easy

Canine Body Language

Learn how to speak dog with this informative seminar on how dogs communicate.

What is a Service Dog?

Emotional support animals, therapy dogs, facility dogs, service dogs, guide dogs, peacocks on airplanes!? What does all this mean? Explore the current state of laws, regulations, and ethical challenges in these new areas of canine helpers. Learn about what a service dog is and isn’t, what level of training is expected for each type of dog, and what kinds of dogs fit well into these new roles. If you’re interested in having a dog with a job, this seminar is a great place to start by learning about what all of these terms mean and how they apply to the real world. This is a human-only seminar and we welcome people of all experience levels.

Canine Nutrition Seminar

What does high quality food mean? What about raw diets, grain free, or even food allergies? In this seminar we’ll dig into the science of canine nutrition. You’ll learn how to read dog food labels and understand what your dog really needs to be happy and healthy. We’ll cover what you need to know to choose a dog food and whether homemade diets are a good choice. Along the way we’ll debunk some dietary myths, and make sure you’re an informed consumer of your dogs diet.

First Aid

Canine First Aid

Dogs and Toddlers

Keeping families safe