Class Category: Seminars

Seminars are offered periodically. Available sessions are listed below.

Handling 101

webcontempo /March 14, 2019

Grooming and Vet Prep Made Easy

Canine Nutrition Seminar

webcontempo /February 27, 2019

What does high quality food mean? What about raw diets, grain free, or even food allergies? In this seminar we’ll dig into the science of canine nutrition. You’ll learn how…

Canine Body Language

webcontempo /December 31, 2018

Learn a new language this winter! We’ll talk about all the ways dogs communicate with each other and us with helpful videos and examples. You will learn to identify signs…

First Aid

webcontempo /August 9, 2018

Learn First Aid basics, find out what should be in your canine emergency kit, and get the answers to common health questions! Felicia Asher, KPA Certified Dog Trainer and Licensed…

Dogs and Toddlers

webcontempo /August 9, 2018

Newly crawling and newly walking babies often make dogs anxious. We can help you connect the dots between your child’s developmental milestones and dog behavior to promote safe interactions. This…