Instructor: Adrienne

Assistant: Samantha

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: 355


Treibball (pronounced Try-Ball) is a terrific new way to play with your dog. The game consists of “herding” a number of large inflatable exercise balls into a soccer-like net. Of course the herding breeds come to mind, but it’s also great for any dogs who just like to chase things.

This is a fun sport for dogs of all ages and sizes. It promotes better teamwork and communication between a dog and his or her human. It’s great fun for any energetic dogs who work well off-leash and need a job, dogs who like to chase stuff, or dogs who like to herd and don’t have sheep!

Treibball was developed by January Nijboer in Germany (“treibball” is variously translated from German as “blowing ball,” “drifting ball,” or “propelling ball”) as a game that would occupy herding dogs. A “flock” of exercise balls makes a great substitute for a flock of sheep, and doesn’t violate your neighborhood association’s rules, either.