Grooming Prep

Reducing salon stress

Visits to the vet and groomer can be stressful for even the most happy-go-lucky dog. Help your pup be more comfortable with the handling involved in a groom or exam as well as the noises, sights, and smells of the grooming salon in this hands-on course. You will teach body positions that make hanlding safer and more comfortable for the dog and we will walk the dogs through the salon to help them associate the table, dryer, and tub with good things.

This is an excellent class for dogs who have had bad experiences with the groomer in the past and a great way to set puppies up for thier first haircut.

You are welcome to bring your own brush and nail trimmers, or we will have our preferred equipment available for purchase. No prior class experience is necessary, although we ask that all dogs are friendly with people and dogs. Dogs that require solo salon time are encouraged to call for a private lesson. All dogs must be up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations to attend any group class at Fido.