Instructor: Adrienne Wisok

Assistant: varies

Duration: 8 weeks

Price: $355


Does it seem like your dog has the memory of a goldfish, lasting only a couple of seconds? Do you struggle on walks with keeping your dog away from food on the ground or keeping them from lunging to greet other people or dogs? Even if your pup has some great skills in concentration and memory, this class can help build what they already have and create long-lasting habits. We will use established positive reinforcement techniques to build self-control and help your pup avoid temptations such as food on the ground (even hamburgers!), toys, chasing critters, jumping up, and pulling to greet other people or dogs. Your dog will learn that waiting for you to say it’s okay will provide huge rewards, and your bond will strengthen as a result. This eight week class is for dogs of any skill and age, but dogs should know “sit” and “down” reliably. Reactivity to people or dogs is okay, please contact us with any questions!