Duration: dates to come

Price: $35 per student


Just like humans, dogs benefit greatly from massage. Fido’s canine massage workshop is a general introduction for the everyday dog parent on how to consciously and effectively massage their dog.

During this workshop participants will cover the benefits of canine massage, review the muscular makeup of dogs, learn simple stretches and the proper techniques to provide a 10 minute daily “maintenance” massage for their dog. Along with the new superpower of providing eye rolling, tongue lolling relaxation for your pup, every parent will leave with a special blend of essential oils made specifically for dogs that can be incorporated into your new massage sessions.

Our canine massage seminar is taught by Holly Schultz, a Certified Massage Therapist who has been working with both humans and canines for 13 years. Holly will demonstrate soothing touch techniques on our live demo dogs and every participant will get the chance to practice with her guidance.