Instructor: varies

Duration: 6 weeks

Price: $270, includes clicker, No dogs first class


Lay a good training foundation and start your dog off on the right paw with this six-week clicker course!

Basic One is for dogs four months and older (little pups, see our Puppy 1 class!) who have not had previous formal obedience training or who need to brush up on the basics. Class itinerary includes Watch, Hand Targeting, and Drop It, as well as teaching the dogs to come when called, working on solid Stays, and reinforcing attention even while distracted.

Our small class sizes mean that we can tailor exercises to your dog’s skill level, so even if he already knows a thing or two. Basic One is useful for fine tuning and making responses more reliable. If your dog sits “only when he wants to” or “just doesn’t listen”, this is the class for you!